Anonymous said: Hi Natasha. U may remember me, Keith, you were going to send a pdf of your latest writing. That was last summer. :) If you'd still like to my email is toomuchcoffee1 at gmailcom

Hey Keith,

Forgive me, I’m not sure I remember our conversation. Are you looking for Grey Seal related material? Or something else? I’ve been working on a screenplay since late last year and it has consumed much of my time. I have not been on tumblr for months. :-( The film I wrote is going into production in early May so I’ll have some time to write the next compendium for Grey Seal…



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Anonymous said: What happened to you?? Nothing new in a long time.

Hmmm… What happened I guess is that I got a little busy. Blogging has never come naturally to me anyway, although I recognize its importance to any project..

Since last year, I’ve been working on a werewolf project with an LA production company, sort of a writer for hire deal. They just shot the teaser and the film is going into production in early May. Kind of exciting actually.

Thank you for asking… I didn’t realize anyone noticed that I left. :-)

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Grey SEAL Trailer

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Apparently my graphic novel on iBooks is ‘New and Noteworthy’

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Anonymous said: It would be nice to get a PDF.

Okay… where do I send it?

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Hell on Wheels party in Banff. What a blast.

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Day one in Banff. Got my delegate goodie bag. Not much goodies in there except a couple of USB sticks and a metric butt-load of pens. But hey, there are mountains here. Awesome Rocky Mountains.

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I’m in Banff… arrived about two hours ago. Lots of Louis Vuitton and Prada purse wearing ladies checking in at the Fairmount. It’s been a journey getting prepared to come here to pitch. I’m going in with no expectation but ready for whatever happens. Bring it!

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Still not totally sold on Hathaway…but THAT, my friends, is how you do a worthy promo shot.

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